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Eleven Times Burbank Politics Was Just Like a Bad Boyfriend

  1. The way he keeps telling you he cares about Burbank residents but you keep catching him in bed with big developers.
  2. How he won’t stop texting during Orals.
  3. That time he insisted they “weren’t necessarily minors” when you called him out for soliciting high school students.
  4. He’s too broke to pay for your library, firehouse or police force but somehow manages to give his buddies a raise?
  5. That time he went behind your back and used public money to write a $50,000 check to a political campaign.
  6. The way he keeps promising he’ll hold the hearing. He’s just waiting for the right time.
  7. Did he mention his IKEA is the biggest in North America?
  8. How he was fiscally fit when you met him but now his budget deficit keeps ballooning.
  9. That time he stood you up when you asked for a report on the new Target Express on Hollywood Way at the next council meeting — and wasn’t even sorry about it.
  10. The way he swears he’d never keep secrets from you but blocks you from his private “City of Burbank” Facebook page.
  11. Yes, all the construction he green-lighted has slowed traffic in Burbank to a crawl. But, hey, didn’t he tell you he wanted to take things slow?


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