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It’s time to transform City Council

This endorsement (of sorts) on the Semichorus blog is spot on. I agree with everything said here about Gordon, Guillen and Springer. If you want REAL change in this city, Juan Guillen alongside Dr. Gordon would help  keep this town fiscally sane, which in the years to come is going to be our top priority. They will also demand proper parking and neighborhood compatibility of large developments.  Here’s a snippet:

[Gordon’s] also a good guy who likes to ask challenging questions and talk and think things out. That makes many people bored or uncomfortable yes, especially in places like mediocrityville Burbank, but who cares. We need more of that here, not less.

While you’re voting for Gordon, go for Guillen as well. They’ll work well together. Gordon’s only problem really is that he’s never had an actual ally up there, just some pretty nasty enemies who are often up to no good. So let’s rid ourselves of as many of them as we can, ok? It’ll make for a better Burbank.

Clean Air Funding for Burbank


If you’d like to learn more about how we can decrease air pollution or if you have ideas on what Burbank can do to address our air quality please attend this meeting Friday morning at BWP.  (RSVP REQUIRED to The city could receive millions of dollars in funding if we demonstrate a strong commitment to projects that improve our air quality. See the flyer linked below and the MSRC website.

MSRC workshop invite – Final

Here’s a map to BWP.


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