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I Heart Burbank will kill more Mom & Pops

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We should not allow this in Burbank. We need to stand up for our mom and pops against outside corporate interests who are forcing these folks out of business. Take a listen to Jim Rowton’s story recorded last month at the Burbank Community Summit. There are more small businesses in the mall who are experiencing the same issue.

No Traffic Study for proposed Target in Mag Park?!?

This is insane. Please watch all the way through. Do these people ever drive along Hollywood Way near Portos?

Naming names.


I’m with Mike Gatto on this one. Why waste taxpayer money hiring a marketing firm to search for a new name for the airport? For SEO? That’s their reasoning? I think it would have been easier and much more effective to spend $50,000 simply on online advertising if that was the case.

Cusumano on First Street


As promised, here’s our highlight reel of the Q&A portion of a recent community meeting regarding the “Premier on First” proposal. You’re going to hear a lot about this yuuuge project as it winds its way to the City Council.

The written public comment phase ends April 13th, so if you want to weigh in about this you better act soon. More info can be found at the city’s website. This was the second of two Development Review meetings.  The city’s first video recorded on March 7th, can be found here. We’ll post another link to the city’s un-edited version of the March 28th meeting we covered above, when the link is available.

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