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BUR jets ARE flying lower and louder than before

And take-off lanes HAVE changed! Residents have data that proves it and hundreds of people are getting involved in the discussion. The Burbank Leader is covering the story as well. If you’d like the city to address this issue further with the FAA please sign this petition.  If you really want to help make a difference please attend this Tuesday’s City Council meeting. You don’t have to speak unless you want to and just being there will send a message to our elected and appointed officials.

If you haven’t you should also join Burbank for Quiet Skies.

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Crime is up in Burbank

The following was posted on Facebook by Eric Rosoff. I obtained the author’s permission to use it here. It’s a sobering and informative read. The link directly below is the article Eric is referring to.

Good morning friends and neighbors

From time to time I comment on what I feel has been a dangerous and unnecessary unilateral shift in operational philosophy at BPD, undermining quality of life matters in our city. This commentary has been met with dismissals at the city level with an inference that I’m “pining for the good old days.”

The referenced article about LA County crime rates speaks for itself. Absolutely there are crime factors such as economy, staffing, Prop 47 etc that we (Burbank) can’t control. However, Michael Males, the interviewed expert, simply confirms what many of us in law enforcement already knew to be true. “Males says the variation in crime patterns resulted from local policies and practices rather than statewide justice reform.”

The article goes on to say that overall crime ROSE in Burbank by 6.1%. However, facing all of the same outside factors as Burbank, crime in Glendale, Pasadena, and Monrovia FELL an average of 18%!

So, here’s what we know.

1. Experts agree that local policies and practices have a significant impact on the crime rate.

2. Since they arrived, Burbank PD’s command staff (LAPD retiree’s) has significantly altered our local policies and practices.

3. Burbank’s crime rate has risen while our neighbors of Pasadena and Glendale have enjoyed a significant decline in crime under exactly the same economic and other outside factors.

When you do the math, it is obvious that change is needed.

The Leader has the latest on BHA $50k

The Leader reports the city adopted a revised agreement with the Burbank Hospitality Association to address some of the wrongdoing surrounding the illegal donation to the Committee for Yes on Measure B. But the investigation by the Fair Political Practices Committee and the Los Angeles District Attorney is still ongoing. I’ve posted before that the Mayor knew about this illegal donation and said nothing and that the City Manager and Community Development Director probably facilitated the entire endeavor.

Read more here:

Here’s the video I sent to the District Attorney.


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Burbank for Quiet Skies

Burbank resident Audrey Geiger-Ford has been collecting noise data from the FAA and Hollywood Burbank airport for months. Her findings that airlines are flying planes closer to homes and schools in the flightpath has set off some alarms in the neighborhood near the airport. Add to this that flight paths have absolutely changed and that this could affect more Burbankers than ever before. Also at least one carrier is ignoring the voluntary curfew. This is an ongoing story and there’s much more to report but I wanted to post some resources for readers to check out as soon as I had them.

First up a couple of quick news bits from KFI.

“A highway right on top on our heads.” October 24th

“She has the numbers…” October 25th

Burbank for Quiet Skies can be found on Twitter and on Facebook (it’s a moderated group but easy to join.)

Direct download links of the KFI audio here:



Pants on fire

I just watched the latest city council meeting and listened to the Mayor of Burbank call a resident a liar over current noise complaints from the airport. This resident who did their homework using FAA and Burbank airport data going back years! Spreadsheets and powerpoints presentations. Real work! In this person’s spare time! I know at least two other members of the council agree that this resident has been working tirelessly collecting facts on airport noise and has treated both airport officials and the council with the utmost respect.

Will Roger is a convicted felon. Will Rogers has stretched the limits of any credibility constantly on airport issues. Will Rogers also knew city employees broke multiple laws and gave $50,000 of taxpayer money to help get the airport rebuilt. That case is still currently under investigation by two government bodies.

Just who is lying here?

We’ll have much more on this soon.

Drastic Changes to Public Comment at Council Mtgs?

Tonight, waaaaay down on the agenda under item Q.8 (in what promises to be a very long meeting) are proposed changes to the way city council meetings are conducted. These changes include shortening the initial public comment period from 5 minutes to 3. However, the plan does include more opportunities for the public to address each agenda item. Sounds good right? But the devil is always in the details and here some interesting trade-offs we’re going to face. I have an email out to our City Attorney hoping for some clarification on something Semichorus has brought up. [UPDATE:] Speakers have more than one opportunity to address the Council per meeting.

But for example, you’ll need to stay on topic or risk losing your time or being thrown out of the council chambers.

No applause folks! For fear of what? Intimidation? And isn’t applause a form of speech?

And a really interesting one here; if the City Manager and/or City Attorney answer a question then the council “should refrain.” Are they not allowed to have an opinion? What are they good for then?Be vigilant folks, this is a whole new age we’re entering.

Two New Episodes of Mike & Roy!


Why did the Mayor keep quiet about the $50,000 to Yes on B? [UPDATED]

This image has been retouched and is intended as satire.

UPDATE: The Mayor just announced he has stage 4 liver cancer but curiously, will not step down as a member of the council. This news was leaked already and it’s been a poorly kept secret around town for months. None of us really knew for sure though. I’m sure the Mayor feels a bit better now that he’s revealed his illness. I sincerely wish him and his family the best but that will not change anything I have to post here on the blog regarding the 50k.

If you’ve been following this story you know I’ve always contended that the architects of this illegal donation were the “buddies” of the City Council. Burbank luminaries, mostly from the Chamber of Commerce.  But I was wrong about who the City Council have been protecting this whole time. Public records I received last April suggest that City Manager Ron Davis, Community Development Director Patrick Prescott and Vice-Mayor (at the time) Will Rogers all knew about and discussed this illegal activity BEFORE the November Election. On December 6th when i brought our team’s research to the Council, Will Rogers was insulting and dismissive about the whole affair and confirmed he had known about this and was “disappointed” in the donation. He wasn’t sorry in the slightest. The following week he apologized for “missing” the violation of the Brown Act when reviewing the BHA’s minutes. You have to assume someone (the City Attorney?) told him to change his tone and he certainly did.

Why didn’t the Mayor call out this illegal activity ahead of the election? He clearly knew a violation of the Brown Act had occurred from the very beginning. (see #1 below)

The Semichorus blog broke part of the story back in June but I’ve been patiently waiting for the Fair Political Practices Commission and the Los Angeles District Attorney to rule on the case. At this point, I’m deeply concerned the Los Angeles District Attorney will not take legal action against a sitting city government, even though they did find the BHA had violated the Brown Act. (See #5 below) The FPPC investigation is still ongoing but I have no idea when a ruling will be made.

Will Rogers’ angry letter and Patrick Prescott’s reply. Both forwarded to the City Manager.

I wonder what Patrick told Will in order to calm him down? (see #5 below) For now, I want the public to know what’s going on in City Hall. That’s my motivation. There’s much more to the story and I hope to do a complete video that explains where we are and how we got here. People need to know this stuff or it will just continue. If you or I broke the law we’d have to pay for our actions. You can use the contact page and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have in the meantime.  Or just post a comment below.

You can read more about this illegal use of public funds here and here. Here are additional videos:

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