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David Spell

New Mike and Roy for 2019

1st Amendment Dying in Burbank

Aren’t you getting tired of this? It was bad enough when the City Staff and Council cancelled three local elections unnecessarily. This, after limiting public speaking time at council meetings to a paltry three minutes. Now the city staff are targeting two residents who’ve been expressing their viewpoints on the Mike and Roy Show. In a new staff report the City Manager is asking the Council to further limit public speaking (through the use of digital media) with new restrictions and gotchas in the fine print of the proposed new rules. Not everyone loves the Mike and Roy Show or the views expressed therein, but every citizen should beware of these new rules. Regardless of who the intended target is – this affects all of us. The new proposals are unfair, un-democratic and likely illegal. I for one, will join Mike and Roy in a lawsuit to fight this. And ironically, the City Manager and the Mayor are giving the duo more attention than they’ve ever had before. Tonight’s Council Meeting should be fun!  Read more at Semichorus here.

QS failed, now get to work!

It was a flawed solution for many reasons. But now we should unite as a community and roll up our sleeves to figure out a long term solution to our pension and salary issues. QS was NEVER really about students. It was about pensions and there are other solutions we can explore.

If we want our schools fully funded we HAVE to put real and uncomfortable pressure on our elected officials from this point forward. They should work for this every single day. The Teacher’s Unions and dedicated citizens can hold them accountable. Of course, this is unlikely to happen but I will be happy to join in once all the gnashing of teeth ends from angry QS supporters.

Here’s our state senator’s webpage. His name is Anthony Portantino.

Here’s Assembly member Laura Friedman’s page:

Dr. Gordon on Measure P

I miss this guy!

Measure P means YOU pay for bloated city salaries

Sue Cleereman lays out one of the biggest problems facing Burbank today. A City Council crying poor while approving massive salary increases over the past 6 years.  Measure P really means residents pay for their salaries and pensions. It’s that simple. Later in the video Vice Mayor Springer says: “We’re being as honest as we can be.” But to me, not honest enough. If the video does’t begin with a piechart you can find the presentation at 1 hour and 17 minutes and 42 seconds into the video.

Mike and Roy – No on P in depth

No on P

No on P

I am concerned about local businesses that will suffer when people go elsewhere for big ticket items like cars or film equipment. This will hurt Burbank businesses.

Semichorus nails it on QS

It was never designed to help students.

No on Measures P & QS (LINK)

CLICK HERE for a well-reasoned argument against our local tax hike Measures by the I Luv Burbank folks. Here’s a highlight:

The City has basically cut-&-paste their Ballot language from Measure T and will no doubt engage in a similar “fear-based” campaign threatening Service Cuts if this massive Sales Tax Hike doesn’t pass. 

And CLICK HERE to read arguments against Measure QS: What it boils down to is giving teachers a raise on the backs of homeowners who already pay plenty of state taxes to fund education! Instead of passing a measure that will ultimately raise rents and not pay for any additional infrastructure – take this up with your local representatives and get some changes at the state level. Measure QS is a band-aid approach that will not benefit students in any measurable way. Finally, the BTA’s tactics during contract negotiations earlier this year were completely unprofessional and damaging to students. I won’t reward them by supporting this measure. 

The Tax places an unfair burden on Burbank Property Owners & Renters who are still paying for previous School Bonds (until 2032), while approx. 1300 Students who live outside the district pay nothing. Businesses with larger footprints are also disproportionally hit.

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