Help the FPPC

UPDATED with Paul Hertzberg’s contact info below! The misuse of public funds for campaigns is rampant up and down the state. Currently, the Fair Political Practices Commission has very limited jurisdiction over this abuse. To make things worse, the State Attorney General and District Attorneys have not prosecuted any of these cases in recent years. You can read more about this in this Los Angeles Times article. And you can catch up on the abuse that occurred right here in Burbank here.

No matter what your political affiliation, voters should be deeply concerned about this lack of enforcement of our campaign financing laws. 

The good news is you can help end this right now! Please call or write our Assembly Member, Laura Friedman and our State Senator, Anthony Portantino. (LINKS BELOW) Here’s a sample you can cut and paste or use as a guide when you call:

Because of your prior efforts for greater transparency in our elections, I am asking you to sponsor or co-sponsor legislation that will give more power to the Fair Political Practices Commission to prevent the misuse of taxpayer dollars in elections. This practice is tainting elections all across our state. The abuse is not being prosecuted by the Attorney General and local District Attorneys. Giving the FPPC the power to hold public officials and agencies accountable is a crucial step in protecting the integrity of our elections. Thank you for your time.

If you want to see my entire letter click here.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION! It’s up to us.

Email Assemblymember Laura Friedman here.  Or call her district office (818) 558-3043 or at the capitol (916) 319-2043

Email State Senator Anthony Portantino here. Or call his district office (818) 409-0400 or at the capitol (916) 651-4025

Email State Senator Bob Hertzberg  here. Or call his district office (818) 901-5588 or at the capitol (916) 651-4018