Aren’t you getting tired of this? It was bad enough when the City Staff and Council cancelled three local elections unnecessarily. This, after limiting public speaking time at council meetings to a paltry three minutes. Now the city staff are targeting two residents who’ve been expressing their viewpoints on the Mike and Roy Show. In a new staff report the City Manager is asking the Council to further limit public speaking (through the use of digital media) with new restrictions and gotchas in the fine print of the proposed new rules. Not everyone loves the Mike and Roy Show or the views expressed therein, but every citizen should beware of these new rules. Regardless of who the intended target is – this affects all of us. The new proposals are unfair, un-democratic and likely illegal. I for one, will join Mike and Roy in a lawsuit to fight this. And ironically, the City Manager and the Mayor are giving the duo more attention than they’ve ever had before. Tonight’s Council Meeting should be fun!  Read more at Semichorus here.