Measure V is a blatant power grab by the current City Council. The law in question (SB415) says we have to change our elections to align with the County and State by November 8, 2022. The state isn’t insisting we do this right away. So what’s the rush? If we waited to comply with the actual “due” date, we could still have two more elections! The City Council is using this law as an excuse to unnecessarily extend their terms. All that was necessary to be in compliance with the new state law was to have a plan in place by January of 2018. So oddly enough, we’ve ALREADY complied with SB415!

The Council should have asked voters to amend the Charter first and then hold our general elections as planned until 2022. And SB415 allows us to have a special election any time to get our election cycle in sync with the state.

Instead, what the city is asking of voters is a disgusting power grab. The good news is, we have a choice. The Council can’t change the city charter without our permission.


The law can be read here. And the deadline is mentioned here:

(cities)…may hold an election other than on a statewide election date if, by January 1, 2018, the political subdivision has adopted a plan to consolidate a future election with a statewide election not later than the November 8, 2022, statewide general election.

Think about this: Tim Murphy, who was appointed, not elected, would have his term extended with zero accountability to the residents of Burbank.