Tonight will be Dr. Gordon’s final meeting as a member of the City Council. Please drop him a line or even better come to the meeting tonight to express your thanks for his years of service. I’d like to personally thank David for his unflinching dedication to our community and for oftentimes being the lone voice of reason “up there.” Dr. Gordon’s a pretty tough guy and he’s had to endure personal attacks and political attacks from every side for the entire time he’s served on the Council. He was passed over as Mayor each year by spiteful members of Council until finally in 2014 they gave him his due. I’ve watched hours of videos of council meetings over the past few years and if you weren’t aware already, Dr. Gordon is literally the only person on the dias who is looking out for residents 100% of the time. The other council members are clearly serving the interests of big developers first, voters next and then residents as they are able. Not so with Dr. Gordon. He’s made unpopular decisions, endured withering attacks and asked tough questions. I do not agree with the man on every issue but we share the same love for Burbank and I’m extremely concerned for our city now. However, I’m hoping and betting you haven’t heard the last of Dr. Gordon. At the very least, he’ll advise the next generation of activists and with any luck he will continue to serve in some other capacity in the coming years. He’s earned our gratitude and I certainly hope you’ll let him know. Here’s his contact page on the city’s website.