A big thank you to Dr. David Gordon for all his years of service on the City Council. Bob Frutos and Sharon Springer have won the top two council seats as a pathetic 17% of registered voters participated in the general election. Their new four year terms begin on May 1st. I am extremely concerned about this city now that Dr. Gordon won’t be on the Council. He was our only real ally against unchecked development and misuse of public funds. What we’ll have now is 5-0 votes on literally everything that comes before the council and no meaningful discussion on the things that matter to residents. In ten years you won’t be able to tell where Glendale ends and Burbank begins. Such a shame, unless… well unless you get involved and make your voices heard. The silver lining to this election is that Burbank Viewpoints is still here and we’re working to get the word out on a number of issues. Stay tuned for more!