For the three open City Council seats, Burbank Viewpoints endorses Dr. David Gordon, Juan Guillen and Greg Sousa.

Your mail-in ballots must be postmarked by today (February 28th) or you can drop off your ballots at 10 locations all around the city no later than 7pm tonight.

Doctor Gordon is the only Council-member who actively fights for accountability in our local government. Flat out, end of story. He asks tough questions of everyone regardless of their stature in government or the community. In the push and pull of local politics and competing special interests he has made extremely difficult decisions (some unpopular) where the long term interests of the City’s residents were firmly in mind unlike his fellow council members. I could go on but I’ve leave it at this: if Gordon isn’t re-elected this City will be in big trouble as many of his concerns are ours.

Marine Corps. veteran Juan Guillen has served Burbank for years as a volunteer. Over the years I have been impressed with his connections in town, his knowledge of the how the City actually operates and his stubborn pragmatism on budget issues. The man pays attention, learns and seeks solutions. His volunteerism is especially impressive. Over the years through multiple non-profits, Juan has worked for families in crisis, for impoverished children and vets. All without the spotlight. He serves his community in so many ways and deserves our support. Is he the best public speaker in the race? No. Don’t let that put you off. Juan knows this town and will makes sure everyone is represented on the dais not just big business.

Greg Sousa holds two law degrees; a J.D. (Juris Doctor), and an LL.M (Legum Magister) with a concentration in tax law. Greg’s LL.M. was awarded Cum Laude from The University of Alabama School of Law. A 20 year resident of Burbank, he served in the army and has been active in school board and parks and recreations issues here in Burbank. His main platform is putting residents’ interests before developers and would like to see our park detail return and address staffing levels in our police department.

For School Board, we’re endorsing Steve Frintner and only Steve. Zizette Mullins is a responsive and capable City Clerk and Debbie Kukta is doing well as City Treasurer.