I’m happy to update the story below with some great news. It looks like the All Amusement Fun Center may be staying in the Burbank Mall after all. The Leader has a recent article on this here and I will keep you up to date when I hear the final outcome of the negotiations!

Talks about the arcade leaving the Burbank Town Center popped up this past fall, but Rowton said that he had been stressing about his lease agreement since last June, when CAPREF presented him with a short-term lease agreement that would have quadrupled his rent.

“It was a deal that was impossible,” Rowton said. “There was no discussion. It was like that was it — take it or leave it.”

Lance Taylor, a director at CAPREF, said that he and the company received numerous calls and emails from residents who pleaded with them to keep the All Amusement Fun Center at the mall.

Taylor said that the overwhelming support for Rowton and the arcade was something that could not be ignored. Additionally, he said that he could not ignore the rumors about CAPREF not willing to work with local businesses.

“We didn’t want that impression of us out there because that’s not who we are,” Taylor said.

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We should not allow this in Burbank. We need to stand up for our mom and pops against outside corporate interests who are forcing these folks out of business. Take a listen to Jim Rowton’s story recorded last month at the Burbank Community Summit. There are more small businesses in the mall who are experiencing the same issue.