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Do we have to wait for a tragedy to happen? Speed racing has become a safety threat in the Burbank residential neighborhoods, in particular the hill section above Glenoaks. There are numerous schools in this area, a middle school, grammar school and Burbank High School, and the racers are usually speeding up and down the hills after school hours, when children are out. It has gotten to the point where many residents are unable to go for a walk for fear that someone running a stop sign will hit them. The problem has been growing quickly in the last few years. A recent incident has been reported where one car actually aimed itself at a pedestrian, threatening her! We, the residents of Burbank are asking the City of Burbank to install speed bumps, and increase police surveillance in order for our neighborhoods to feel safe again. Below is a list the problems we are all seeing, hearing and feeling on a daily basis:

1)  Speeding, dangerous, reckless, and aggressive driving

2)  Street racing in residential neighborhoods and on major streets

3)  Loud, illegally modified vehicles

4)  Vehicles without license plates and/or vehicles with illegally tinted windows that make it virtually impossible to identify violators