2nd Update:

Oscar Merlo just posted some good news on Facebook.

 The Magnolia Park Group had a victory in getting parking permits. Now they have to wait for the city to approve the Traffic Commission decision. Great job Magnolia Park. Keep the pressure and remember there is a target express going up near you and the city does not want to do a traffic study. The Traffic and parking issues are not over. Elect to Protect.


UPDATE: I received this email from Kristin and wanted to correct something I mis-stated in the post. Sorry for the confusion. I hope you can make it to the Traffic Commission meeting and support this petition.

Actually the traffic report allows us to change it to permit only parking from 11 AM to 6 PM, which are the busiest times of the day, seven days a week. It’s not changing it to only one hour by permit.

If you live in Magnolia Park, you know that parking can be a challenge depending on how close you live to the shops there. This Thursday January 26th at 4pm, the Traffic Commission will hear from Mag Park residents who have filed a petition to amend parking to 1 hour except by permit on Avon. The problem centers around Morphe, a makeup retailer at Avon and Magnolia. Residents and other shops are experiencing increased trash and crime in addition to the parking headaches. If you’d like to support your neighbors in this action, they could use your presence in the council chambers. No need to speak but it’s always good to have a supportive audience when citizens address the commission. Here’s the staff report on the issue and some background. Also Mike and Kristin spoke on the issue at The Burbank Community Summit last Thursday.  Take a listen:

Another local resident spoke on the parking issue related to Morphe as well.