UPDATED post (details below)


Great analysis with part 2 of the video I posted yesterday. If you live near Burbank Blvd., Magnolia Blvd. or Olive Ave. make sure and pay close attention. You could have from 4 to 8 story mixed-use buildings affecting your neighborhood very soon.  UPDATE: I had a conversation with Community Development Director Patrick Prescott a short time ago and wanted to correct the portion I struck above. Current standards don’t allow for buildings of that height along Burbank, Magnolia or Olive near residential neighborhoods. Mr. Prescott wanted readers to know that most likely the proposed design standards will be “stricter” along those corridors when they are eventually presented. I’d urge the public to hold the city staff accountable for these statements. Not because I think they are liars — but because as we’ve seen time and time again — there are external forces that pressure the staff for concessions. The recent loopholes added to the Single Family Design Standards are an example of builders wanting to game the system. I’m thankful the City Council paid attention last Monday and removed those loopholes. That said, I made an exaggerated claim above and I wanted to make sure and correct it right away. I apologize to anyone that felt misled.