Happy New Year! Now let’s roll up our sleeves.

I’m posting this to ask for help on a project that could affect some change for the better in our fair city. Two weeks ago, we had a fantastic turnout at the city council meeting in regards to the $50,000 misappropriation by the Burbank Hospitality Association. I was simply blown away by our speakers and one in particular sparked this email — Oscar Merlot (sp?). Here’s a very brief mp3 of part of the speech.

I’d like to propose we do what Oscar suggests: get all our community organizations together for a summit meeting as soon as possible to discuss the election and the crucial issues we’re facing as a city. We all know what those are but here’s the short list: the damage unchecked development is having to our quality of life, inaction in the face of corruption and the damaging relationship development interests have with the council majority.

I do need help organizing the meeting, so if you’d like to help please reply to this post right away. Here are some items I could use help with:

1. a venue
2. refreshments
3. communications (getting the word out)
4. materials (fact sheets to give to attendees)

Please reach out as soon as you can. There’s no reason this has to be overly complicated but I do need help putting this together.

Thank you.