Last night a website and youtube channel went live hinting at what is to become of the old Ikea site and the Town Center Mall. The details are still a bit lean but I expect an article in the Burbank Leader with more information by next week. Semichorus broke the story yesterday afternoon. The reaction on Facebook I’ve seen has been extremely critical of the proposal. I think this one might fire some people up. Here’s some info quoted from a resident who has supposedly seen the plans. I am trying to confirm all this but I’m sure it’s accurate:

“Yup just saw all the plans the whole Burbank Center is gonna get a whole remodel. Where the bakery corner will be a condominium building for sale units. Where IKEA used to be will be apartment buildings with shopping centers and outside kiosk. Across the street where Chevy’s the same but with A Hotel built. The whole mall a huge remodel, where all the food court will be 1st floor and over 50 shops will be closed to replace with higher end ones. It’s gonna look awesome! And I think it’s great! We need to get this city into the new century. Think American at Glendale.”