It feels like the BWP is trying to scare its customers with threats of rolling brown outs this summer. After years of record breaking up-time and innovation in metering, one natural gas facility is going to cause us this much trouble?  It’s worth everyone’s time to investigate the Aliso Canyon facility after SoCal Gas’ billion dollar blunder.

This reliance on the fossil fuel industry underscores the urgency of embracing alternative energy policies here in Burbank. You know what’s cheaper than natural gas? Sunlight!  Solar power is becoming increasingly affordable and viable (ask Elon Musk.) Why can’t every city-owned building in this town have solar panels with Tesla batteries feeding back excess power into the grid? And while we’re at it, why the fossil fuel industry isn’t capitalizing on free energy they can get to market cheaper and easier than oil and gas is beyond my comprehension.  SoCal Gas & Sun anyone? They are already in everyone’s home. It wouldn’t be that big of a stretch to add solar to the menu and keep everyone powered and happy.

What’s your viewpoint?

UPDATE: Excellent coverage of this at Curbed LA.